Friday, 27 December 2013

Dear David Crausby MP

A while ago I signed the petition to block the MPs pay rise (it's dead easy, and there are currently 323,703 signatories).

Just before Christmas I received an email suggesting that I email my MP directly to find out whether he intends to accept the pay rise. The response will be sent to and they will publish to findings.

Here is what I wrote...

"Dear David Crausby,

I have a question for which I require a response.

Will you be accepting the 11% pay rise?

I have recently signed a petition to block the pay rise as I feel deeply concerned that there was very little public consultation, in spite of the continued rhetoric from IPSA insisting that this is what the public want. In addition, the idea that MPs will get this pay rise at a time of national austerity disgusts me. Most of your ordinary constituents have not had a pay rise, (and in many cases have had a pay
cut in realistic terms) for several years.

I feel that you were fully aware of the renumeration package you would receive prior to your appointment in May 1997, and in your 16 years as an MP, you have not left office to find a better paying job.

My concerns run deeper than that. Every day, I drive 35 miles to work from your constituency in Bolton to Tytherington in Macclesfield. I don't get to claim expenses, or even tax relief, for my travel, and I can't afford to rent or buy a home nearer to work.

I am strongly opposed to any suggestion that this pay rise will sort out the expenses problem. There should be no expenses problem, and frankly, I feel that I could do a great job as an MP with a salary of £66,396, which is more than three times my annual salary.

I await your response.
Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Lydia Bernsmeier-Rullow BA PGCE"

Now, even if you don't sign the petition, write to your MP and ask them this simple question. It's as easy as clicking here and putting in your postcode. Remember, they work for you!

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