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It has come to my attention that I haven't blogged at all for the entirety of my holiday... We have just been so busy, so I thought I'd take the opportunity whilst we are on the return Staten Island Ferry to write.
It has been an amazing honeyversary and I have found my spiritual home. Right now as we sail past Lady Liberty, I realise, I should be a New Yorker! 
We have learned all the tricks and ridden the Subway every day. I. Have begun saying 'line' rather than 'queue', 'trash can' instead of ''bin' and always ask for the 'check' rather than the 'bill'.
Things I will miss: 1) Looking out over Manhattan as I take the HBLR (Hudson Bergen Light Rail) to Jersey City. 2) The distraction of chatter in the native tongue. 3) American Netflix! 4) The kindness of folk in the city. 5) Christopher Street and the West Village - Like Canal St. and The NQ had a baby only gayer and more full of hipsters. 6) The Subway - terrifying at first, but on…