Saturday, 19 March 2011

1 Minute 37 Seconds...

It's been a while since I blogged, but yesterday and over the past couple of weeks I've been preparing for Comic Relief and Red Nose Day. This morning as I watched some Comic Relief comedy (I missed it all last night as I was in a call centre taking donations), I saw this video. You may have already seen it, but I ask you to look again - it's only 1 Minute 37 Seconds long, and hopefully it will inspire you to do something AMAZING... Text YES to 70010. Just one simple text, costing £10.00, all of which goes to Comic Relief and your network charges will mean that women like Selinah who you see in the video can lead a normal life with AIDS.

I hope that you can take 1 Minute 37 Seconds out of your day, and £10.00 out of your pocket (the equivalent of 33 pence every day for a month) to help people in Africa whose lives have been decimated by AIDS.

God Bless

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