Saturday, 16 November 2013

Notes on why Lily Allen is amazing

For context... 
I'm mixed, black Afro Caribbean and White British. I'm almost 30 and I live in the UK near Manchester. 

So I'd heard about Lily's new single and finally got to see it on Buzzfeed. It was awesome, amazing, hilarious. It spoke to the feminist in me, the woman in me and the 29-yr-old who is sick of this nonsense in me!

Checking the comments, several double takes were required about notes along the lines of "Hey, why you bein so racist Lily?" I had to check myself before I wrecked myself! I rewatched the video and could find nothing but satire.

It was as though they had been watching another video entirely.

For at least the past 15 years, I have seen women of all races being objectified in music videos by rap artists, directors, producers, media moguls and executives, pop stars, country stars, punks, metal bands... The list goes on. They have been props, pets, sex objects. 

Worse still, women in the music business who are stars in their own right who feel that they won't sell any records without objectifying themselves. Luckily, I had Girl Power and the forces of Spice to remind me that I was nobody's object. But what about today's young girls?

And then came Blurred Lines - surely the most mainstream song about raping a girl since... Nope, can't think of another. And this earworm got into my brain and I found myself singing it in the car. When I finally looked up the lyrics, I felt like THE WORST FEMINIST IN THE WORLD!

What is really scary is that Blurred Lines is number 2 on the Now 85 album... Disk 1, Now 85 will be on every little girls' Christmas list and with all the editing in the world, there is no escaping its message.  

Lily, your video is genius, you are entirely right. If this is where we are now, a world where an electronics manufacturer feels that it's right on to sell their products with a rape song, where will we be in 10 years? What is to come?

And as for the "Lily is a racist" commentary. Buy a dictionary, look up satire, then look up racist, then look up idiot and I'm sure you'll find your face there!

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