Thursday, 21 April 2011

Recent Happenings

Just thought I'd give you a little catch up, following a text from my bestest best pal Lucy who is amazing and fabulous - That's her given name!

You may be asking yourself, where have you been for all this time?

Well, I've been all over the place really, although the main reason I've not written is because of a really shitty thing that happened in March, a friend of mine miscarried her first child - it's not my story to tell but it shook me up and I was very upset and got completely blocked, and as soon as I started writing, I basically clammed up! 

I'm alright now, and my friend is getting there, and if she's reading it, I hope she knows she's got a LOT of support right now.

In addition to that horrid thing, I also moved again, which is a story in itself. My landlord needed his room back, and so I managed to find somewhere else to live immediately. As soon as he'd given me my notice, the little tiny things that had irritated me about living in the flat like the smoky environment and the ever-full washing up bowl became THE MOST ANNOYING THINGS IN THE WORLD! I told him I was going to leave at the end of March rather than April, and he said that if I did that, I would not get my deposit back!

A dilemma! If I lost my deposit and had to pay my first month's rent, I'd be out £300.00! This was no good!

In an extremely fortunate stroke of luck, the best thing happened to me. I met my wonderful girlfriend Nickie, who will not mind me mentioning her! From the day we met, we clicked completely and I fell in love at a terrifying speed. She offered me a bed, rent free for a month and after immediate protestation, a few days of thought and some wrangling on her behalf, I agreed that it would be a reasonable solution! Terrified, I moved half my stuff into Nickie's flat in Cheetham Hill, told my folks I was living with "a friend" and put the rest of my belongings in my soon to be new house in Blakely. Well, things don't always work out the way you think they will do they?

Within weeks of staying with Nickie, I realised something. I didn't want to leave - we worked so well together and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. As it happened, Nickie was thinking the same thing, and so, after some more deep thought and consideration, we decided that we didn't want to live apart. She invited me to live with her permanently and after a fairly awkward conversation with my mother along the lines of "Do you know that friend I was staying with? Well, she's my girlfriend and I'm not moving out!", I spoke to my new landlady who was amazing and said that she'd assumed that this might happen!

Meeting Nickie changed my life! She has made me reassess everything and has made me less selfish, more open and incredibly happy. I still struggle to say no and take on too much, but I'm doing better than ever! Nickie has made me realise that actually I do deserve the good things that happen to me and I do deserve to be actually happy for once!

In other news, I've been kinging it up like nobody's business! Take a look at my website for more information but in a nutshell, I'm putting an act together and going back to my first love. Performance! I am at last using the £12,000 degree that I spent three years doing!

I'm also making big waves in Manchester's LGBT community (that's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans for the uninitiated!) I was elected as a trustee onto the board of the Lesbian Community Project (, I'm still presenting my popular weekly radio show on Gaydio (, and I'm going to be performing at this year's Manchester Pride, so things are going from strength to strength.

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