Monday, 9 May 2011

Greetings from Gran Canaria

Hello All,

We arrived in GC on Saturday to our hotel VistaOasis in the pitch black at around 12:30am and it wasn´t until the morning that we realised our view over the dunes was absolutely spectacular!

Yesterday we woke up to find that we were not overlooked, we couldn´t see any other rooms and had uninterrupted views out to sea. We took a stroll to the local Supermercado and bought a few essentials, then sunbathed  - tanning our white bits as there was nobody to see!

Later, we walked into Maspalomas, which was a leisurely 50 minutes (with rather a big hill!) and met up with Sarah Bland to watch the football - needless to say, Nickie was devastated as United beat Chelsea. I drank two LARGE vodka and Cokes (they were definitely trebles) and then we then went into the Yumbo, which is as fantastic as everybody has said and went down to an all you can eat Chinese buffet (I know, why not tapas?) This is where it gets amazing... A while ago, I wrote about Manchester Pride for their blog and talked about my pals, Stacey and Becky who I always run into... I haven´t seen them since last August... and there they were, standing next to me in the buffet (cue screaming like queens). We joined them for dinner, I smoke many fags (got to make the most of smoking indoors!) and then who else should turn up but FLIRTY BERTIE! Amazing!

Today we´re going to go down to Maspalomas beach for a spot of sunbathing and reading - I´ve got the Kindle and I´m reading Patricia Cornwell´s first Scarpetta book. Excellent.

We had a spot of bother yesterday evening with a rather large cockroach... I screamed and hid in bed whilst Nickie disposed of it. I was terrified, it´s my only phobia. :-(

The room is basic, but lovely, very cool and clean and we have stove, full size fridge and a Massive safe. Going to go down to the pool later after we come back from the beach, then meeting all the girls for dinner tonight (and watching Valentino in action at Sparkles!)

Much Love,

By this

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