There's nothing that makes me feel less British than queuing in my own country to prove my identity... Spain was fine, a quick glance at the passport and we were through... On return we were treated to 45 minutes in a queue (whilst the non-EU desk was empty!) and Border Control officers nearing the end of a TWELVE hour shift. How easy to make a mistake through the haze of sleep deprivation? They're meant to be on the ball but the person at our desk looked exhausted!

Tears and more tears in the past 48 hours! We arrived back in "sunny" Blighty this morning at 4am... It's currently chucking it down and all I want to do is get back out to Gran Canaria! The weather, the atmosphere, the service in restaurants and bars and of course the entertainment made it the best week of my life. It must also be said that without the following people, Maspalomas would not have been half as good...

My gorgeous Nickie, organiser, burns specialist and Cockroach Killer extraordinaire...
Valentino King and Mike Stand (AKA Gizell Timpani and Suzanne Coleman), the best pals a girl could ask for...
Robin Karrs and Magenta Jewell (AKA Diane Rawson, aka Lady Di and Jenny Croston) Entertainers, hosts and ABSOLUTE LEGENDS...
Flirty Bertie (AKA Lisa Lindsey) Brother and Friend
Sam Dangleham (AKA Kerry Newbury) a gent with southern ways...

We partied in Sparkles Showbar all week, and it's made me question what we're prepared to put up with in the UK. Nowhere can you get free table service, nowhere can you get staff who will remember your face after a year, and remember your drink night after night (every member of staff who served us after the second night knew what we were drinking!) Nowhere in the UK can you pay the equivalent of £6.00 for a drink and feel you are not being ripped off (the shorts are at least a treble, they just pour for 7 seconds - oh and that's 6 Euros for branded drinks like Havana).


We also went to a fabulous pool party hosted by Ricky's Cabaret Bar at the Walkirias Hotel right next to the Yumbo where the entertainment was fabulous and the drinks were plentiful (and pretty cheap!)


I'll sign off for now... Too tired to make any more sentences and in need of a KFC fix - roll on October when we're definitely going back!


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