Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Gran Canaria 2

Very quick one today - internet costs a Euro for 15 mins! Shocking... Yesterday was lovely, went to Maspalomas Beach and sat watching the ocean and reading. Very peaceful! The sun is very strong, and Nickie is quite burned all over her back and legs - whoops, so she´ll be staying out of the sun for today!

Last night we finally met up with Flirty Bertie, Valentino King, Suzy, Diane and Jenny for a brilliant night out in Sparkles Showbar, and we all had a wonderful time, got the VIP treatment as I was there with Valentino and we were treated to great hospitality. The show was fantastic with Tammy Pax, Thunderpussy and of course, our very own Valentino King who was AMAZING! Can´t wait til Friday when she´s on again!

I spent this morning trying not to wake Nickie as we didn´t get in til gone 3, but I was awake at 9, so had a bit of a read and then when Nickie woke up, we planned my set for Manchester Pride.

I´m making contacts all over the place, and who knows, it might be me up on the stage this time next year... Watch This Space.

See you soon and keep checking the blog for updates xxxxx

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