A Proud Mancunian

A little bit more positive, my pal Emma Garside, currently residing in Gorse Hill, Manchester - the proudest mancunian you'll ever meet penned this poem which just about says it all and has very kindly let me post it...

I am Manchester by Emma Garside

I am Manchester,
I am the friendliest people on earth,
I am red and blue,
I am afflecks and corn exchange memories of old,
I am the triangle and printworks of new,
I am the Arndale shops and market,
I am piccadilly gardens,
I am the northern quarter,
I am still going strong no matter what you throw at me,
I am manchester full of pride,
I am manchester gay straight and bi,
I am the mancs coming together,
I am cleaning up the riots no matter the weather.
I am manchester through and through.
Manchester i'm so proud of you!

Out of the fear comes greatness... Please share this!


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