Sunday, 23 October 2011


I felt compelled to pen a response to tonight's X-Factor. 

The behaviour of Tulisa tonight on X-Factor, when she almost reduced a young contestant to tears was disgusting and should not be tolerated. I found it absolutely outrageous that Tulisa in particular had the candour to call Misha B out for bitching behind the scenes. Regardless of what was said to one of her acts, NOBODY deserves to be shouted down, live on stage, in front of MILLIONS of people. It was nothing short of bullying, and really makes me question why she is a "mentor". My heart really went out to Misha and I hope that she knows she won't lose my vote. 

Speaking of bitching, bullying and general nastiness, the aforementioned judge was engaged in her own very public war of words less than a year ago with a dancer. Isn't it a little hypocritical for her to tell Misha not to say nasty things to her poor little groups when she was quoted in The Sun as Tweeting the following;

"WTF do u do? Other then open ur legs? Ur nothin 2 me, I don't speak about u, I don't think about u, u don't even exist! Get on with ur life, ur obsession is unhealthy and ur just makin things worse 4 urself, take a leaf out of my book, love live life B****." 

Other than the over 25s, the majority of finalists have not yet left their teens. Janet Devlin is 16 and Misha is 19. They are kids! They should be protected. But instead we have an 18 year old Frankie Cocozza applauded for sleeping around, acting uninterested in this opportunity of a lifetime, and this week "swaggering" onto the stage half way through his song following a full week of nights out. Gary said "He's a teenager!" No excuse. And then back to Misha. Yes, maybe she takes her enthusiasm and passion off stage. Maybe she even antagonises the other acts. Perhaps she does this to spook her competition - I don't know and that's the point, nobody knows. I've yet to see evidence or video of this altercation, and frankly, I'm not interested in seeing it anyway. Because here's the dirty little secret. Every artist, performer, musician with any passion (even some without) has slagged off a rival, has had something taken out of context and published which shows them in a less than favourable light, or has had a private moment broadcast for all the world to see. So, what now? If a head teacher singled out one student and made that comment in front of a hall of kids in assembly, I can guarantee that they would be swiftly suspended and investigated, and rightly so! So come on OFCOM, ITV or Executive Directors of X Factor - reprimands for Tulisa. 

It's a shame too, I was really beginning to like her.

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