Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Return to the Cuckoo's Nest

I'm rapidly going out of my mind. I thought I'd hidden myself really well from my Mental Health demons. They found me in bed on Saturday and wouldn't let me go to sleep. I covered well, even managing to convince myself that I was staying awake to care for my beloved. The demons have set up residence now. They are engaged in an "Occupy Lydia's Soul" protest. They have placards that say "You're not good enough" "We are the 99% that believes Lydia is worthless". They have also stolen all of my spoons. I'm back in that dark place now...

Night Vision

Someone switched the lights off, I rely on my Night Vision
I only wish I'd eaten more carrots.

Someone switched the lights off, every time I pass a mirror, I see a shadow of my former self
I barely recognise me.

Because it was dark, I fell down a well, it's even darker and full of monsters
They are taunting me.

The walls are rough and spiked with glass and nails like The Trunchbull's Chokey...
I wish I was still a child reading Matilda.

My voice echoes back to me, I'm in too deep to be rescued
It is so dark, even the good things in silhouette cast scary shadows. 

I can't get out.
I can't see a light.
My heart is breaking.
I can't breathe.

Someone switched the lights off, my Night Vision's failing
There aren't enough carrots in the world

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