Sunday, 3 August 2014


I am just awesomely happy with 99% of my life right this second. I mean the wife, the job, the roof over my head... But then there's the added extras.

1) New voluntary job - I'm working for my favourite community again! The gays... Actually the LGBTQQs etc. I'm chairing a community sub-committee for the Village Business Association (VBA). It's challenging work and I love it. We've got a pre-pride village clean up on the 16th August and a whole host of other fabulous community engagement plans coming up so watch this space... Actually THIS space!

2) Fundraising - I am involved in a monthly fundraising Burlesque night - as compĂ©re with my darling wife on the decks. Mending Hearts raises money for various children's charities and their shows are amazing! Burlesque and cabaret from just brilliant acts!

3) Drag - I have returned to my first love, DRAG! With the help of Diane Rawson and Jaye Jones, I'm running a new monthly Drag King night at Polari, below Via Canal Street. It's on the last Sunday of the month and we have the best in Drag Kings from Manchester, London and beyond! Come down to the next one on the 31st August!

4) Workshops - After talking about it for 4 years, I've finally found a brilliant studio space - Thirty8 Create in Leigh where I will be doing Drag King workshops! I did one at Sparkle Manchester in July and realised that I can, at last, put my teaching qualification to good use! The first one is on the 30th August - just contact me via my website!

Really just need to keep the momentum going now. The suns out so I'm happy, but once those dark nights start again I'm going to really have to push myself... Must buy a light box!

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