Sunday, 6 February 2011

I really really like you...

Well, the fact is I don’t really really like her anymore, so I can share this with you! I hope it will make you laugh – although it’s more likely to make you think “what a tool”! I almost read this at inside out poetry, and then realised that it wasn’t so much a poem as it was a bag of steaming shite, so I thought better of it! If the particular girl in question... or any of her friends read this - probably better off keeping it to yourselves! Enjoy…

Your smile is electric and it makes my heart stop
With your cheeky eyes and your crazy crop
Love is too strong cos you don’t feel it too
So I’ll just say, I really really like you…

We’ve known each other for so many years,
You’ve seen me happy and you’ve seen me in beers,
I hope that one day I’ll get to be with you too,
But for now I’ll just say I really, really like you…

We’ll go to the Lakes and walk our dogs,
We can hold hands while they sniff logs,
We’ll fill the day up with cuddles and smooches,
Then we’ll have a laugh as we chase our pooches.

My heart is beating like it’s fit to burst,
I’d tell you to your face but I fear the worst,
I felt like this for ages I just can’t pretend,
And I’m really really sorry
that I slept with your best friend
But even then it was true,
I really really liked you

I know I’m not perfect, I don’t tick every box,
I’m not intellectual, I can be a cock,
I’ve never been rock climbing I’m not gonna lie,
I’ve never fired a gun but I’m willing to try,
Maybe a change could be good for you,
Out of the simple life to something new

But that doesn’t matter when I’m feeling so blue
Because you’ll never know… I really really like you…

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