Monday, 7 February 2011

True Friendship

I like to think of real, true, proper friendship to be honest, flowing and for the most part happy…

1)       The only time your friend should make you cry is by being sad or hurting themselves.
2)     You don’t have to see a real friend every day for friendship to stay strong, you can always pick up where you left off.
3)     Coming back to a friend after a period of absence should never be awkward or difficult.
4)     A friend will always be honest whether about your outfit or your latest squeeze.
5)     A friend will understand if you don’t feel the same way.
6)     A friend will know when taking the mickey isn’t appropriate.
7)     A friend will make you smile so hard your face aches.
8)     A friend will always help you out if they can.
9)     A friend can be somebody you’ve never met.
10)  True friendship can survive anything.

Real, honest friends are the girls who I go to when the fake friends fuck up and hurt me.
Carysanova Jones, Michele Edwards, Aly Heald, Jackie Crozier, Elle Aspinall
Jo Wilson, Gemma French, Katy Stewart, Jo Gruchy, Stevie Stevens, Erika Nagy, DeeDee Protano, Lisa Lindsey, Gizell Tampani, Suzanne Coleman, Becky Jones, Charley Brown and most recently, Helen V Bull and George Armanio.

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