Friday, 11 November 2011


I have slept for two nights in a row. I seem to be getting used to the dry mouth and I'm finding myself more able to smile. I'm eating regularly (unfortunately putting on a bit of weight - diet after Christmas!) and yesterday I picked myself up, shook myself off and dressed myself in drag... I'm very very slowly coming back to me. Maybe by Christmas I'll be my old jolly self. I'm in a bit of pain today, I'm trying to reduce my Tramadol as a) it's hugely addictive and b) I've got to get off it at some point! So I took smaller doses yesterday. The night was pretty bad, I was in so much pain, but I just shut my eyes and managed to drift off to sleep.

I've also started making my cards for Christmas! I made time in my day to start them for the first time, which was brilliant! If you would like one, please drop me an email with your address!

I'm now jonesing for a Tramadol - people have warned me that they are addictive, but I never would have thought they'd be this bad... Back's KILLING, feel sick and shaky. I took some Asprin, I really want to get off the Tramadol, but honestly, I feel like death. Getting shooting pains in my back so either it has got no better, or the lack of Tramadol is messing with my head... 

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