Saturday, 29 January 2011

Exciting Times

Sorry about my missed blog yesterday... I was moving! As well as getting the car fixed and going to my good friend's birthday party! Moving in went very well, all really quick and Steven and Ben (and Ben's brother) were all instrumental in getting my stuff up to the 7th floor. Once in and settled and rent was paid, I bought new bedding and made my bed. It is always the first job I do when I move in because as long as you've got a place to sleep at night, you're home.

Remember I said that I thought I'd been here before? Well, indeed I had... Right next door as it turns out! My best and oldest friend Gemma French's girlfriend was living with her friend Neil and Neil still lives there will his hubby Alan and a gorgeous siamese (whom I remember from five years ago as a wilful crreature desparate to get out of the front door). And now I've moved in next door with Alan's best friend Steven! Small world eh?

Anyway - just a small one today as I've promised to make breakfast and rally the troupes so I'll pen something with a little more substance tomorrow!

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