Sunday, 23 January 2011

Fingers Crossed...

Well, I'm keeping everything crossed! I have found a new place! For once a positive blog with big smiles!

It is located just outside the city centre of Manchester, and a mere 10 minutes walk from work! If you know Manchester at all, it's right behind the Stay Inn hotel on Blackfriars Road. I met my lovely new live in landlord Steven yesterday, and we got on famously!

Mum has kindly offered to look after Austin (that's my dog - 5 year old Collie Cross) long term until I can find a situation in which I can keep him.

Bizarrely, as Katy (my best friend and second set of eyes) drove me to the new flat, I had a weird sense of de ja vu... It must have been about five years ago, just after I split up with my then girlfriend (the one who gave me the dog!) I went on a night out with a good friend of mine and her new girlfriend, and the new girlfriend lived in one of these flats! I remembered it for a few reasons, one being the taxi rank which is right next to the block (we called a taxi from there and it still took 30 minutes to arrive). The other reason was that it was an over 25s or over 35s block and I could remember thinking "I wish I could live in one of these flats". 

They are ex-council and so really spacious and this one in particular is very well laid out. It has two bedrooms, a huge kitchen and a living room. The views are spectacular! The view from my bedroom is towards Bolton and Winter Hill, and at the front the Manchester Skyline! Beautiful! Apparently I'll be able to watch the sun set from my bed! Bliss!

It has plenty of parking and as I said, it is quite literally 10 minutes walk from work!

Life is about to change, for the better. It's about time don't you think?


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